Friday, April 23, 2010

Long Beach Festival Exhibit "Journeys"

This exhibit is being sponsored in part by Lynn Thompson of Decorative Textiles! THANK YOU LYNN!

Back in November of 2009, Quilts on the Wall decided to enter a special exhibit again for Long Beach Quilt Festival 2010. The 'Journeys' theme was chosen. It was then up to each artist to interpret that theme in a 36" x 48" verticle format. At our March 2010 meeting those artists who created quilts for this exhibit turned them in, they have since been juried and the accepted artists are listed below.

Carol Nilsen - Flight
Carolyn Villars - Out to the Surf and Back
Carolyn Winfield - African Dawn
Cindi Lemaku - Sendler's Crossing
Felisa Lyons - Rain Walk
jo griffith - Sweet Charity
Laura Bisagna - Down the Rabbit Hole
Julie Schlueter - Reinvent the Wheel
Madeleine Bajracharya - Fly Away
Marilyn Fromhertz - Day's Journey
Mia Bloom - And so it Begins...
Phyllis Binkley - Into the Sea
Rose Hughes - Journey-Mythos: Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Sherry Kleinman - Welcome to the Human Race
Stacy Hurt - Journey Thru Time
Deborah Stanley - Above and Beyond
Suanne Summers - Insomnia
Terry Waldron - Homage

A Note to the Artists:
Reminder: No posting of full pictures of your quilts on your blogs until the opening of Long Beach.

A special note of Thanks to our Jurors
We would like to thank Georgia Freeman Harvey and Cindy Rinne jurying this special exhibit! Great job ladies!

To Julie Schlueter & Stacy Hurt for having snapshots of their quilts included in the IQA publications! Click on images to enlarge them.

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  1. Congratulations to all of the artist who have a piece in the exhibit! Can't wait to see it in person. Great news about having Lynn Thomspon be your co-sponsor! Way to go.