Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Archeology at Denver National Quilt Festival!

Baalber by Mary Tabar

Quilts on the Wall will exhibit the current Archeology Challenge at The Denver National Quilt Festival in Denver, CO, April 29 - May 2, 2010, Mancuso Show. This collection has 26 quilts and the names of the artist are:
Madeleine Bajracharya – Rock Art
Jennifer A. Beatty – Excavation
Phyllis Binkley – Pride Goes Before a Fall
Mia Bloom - Dirt
Kim Burk – You Can’t Take It With You
Cynthia Catlin – Unearthed and Unblemished
David Charity - Fossibilities
Muna Elias- Unearthed Raven
Melissa Frankel - DNA
Marilyn Fromherz - Pieces
jo p. Griffith- Between the Sheets
Robin Grube – Vesuvius Lets Loose
Sandra Hankins-  AC – DC Antony and Cleopatra Discovered
Stacy Hurt – Among the Runes
Mary Beth Kile – The Desert Floor-Blythe Intaglios
Marcia Ann Kuehl – Anasazi Indian Rock Art 9 Pregnant Women
Catherine Ravera – SETI (C.1294 – 1279 BC)
Teresa Shippy – Fossil Birds
Deborah L. Stanley –My History, Aerospace: My Dad, My Son & Me
Linda Stone – The Eternal Goddess
Suanne Summers – Lost Souls
Mary Tabar-  Baalbek
Susan Trindle – Archeologically – It’s How My Stash is Organized
Carolyn Villars-  Grandma’s Trunk – Digging Through the Past
Deborah Weir- Language
Carolyn Winfield - Tangaroa Guardian of the Sea

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