Monday, April 23, 2012

Black & White (with a twist) Acceptances!

Black and White with a twist. 

 Quilts on The Wall is happy to announce that the following artists have been accepted into the Quilts On The Wall exhibit "Black and White -with a twist."  This exhibit will debut at International Quilt Festival in Long Beach
July 26 - 29,  2012
and will continue on to Pennsylvania National in the fall of 2012 and then to Pacific National in 2013! 

Each piece measures 30" W x 54" H. Portrait orientation.  

The requirements:
The quilts must be all back and white.  The “Twist” of color is not to exceed 10% of the total area, or the equivalent of a 13” x 13” square, cut up and spread anywhere onto the quilt.  Grayscale will be considered 'color' for the purposes of this exhibit.   

The Jurors: Matthew Leslie
             Connie Rohman

The 27 Accepted Artists are:

Catherine Baltgalvis - Prelude
Jennifer Beatty - Pinwheels in the Wind
Laura Bisagna- Pointless
David Charity- Blind Eye
Trish Charity- Le'Femme
Carol A. Churchill- Geisha Perfection
Linda Friedman- Balancing Act
jo p Griffith- A day at the beach
Robin Grube- Avian Spin
Annette Guerrero- Gridlock
Stacy Hurt- Moon -Sisters
Rachel Keller - Spinning My Wheels 
Mary Beth Kile - Roots and mycorrhizal
Vonda Matthews- Tranquil Autumn Night
Linda Miller- Linear Moves
Carol Nilsen- Courage and Sass
Myrna L. Peterjohn- Jumping for Joy
JoAnn Sarachman- Childhood Memories
Julie Schlueter- Fiore
Beth Shibley- Doodling
Linda Stone- The Red Shoes
Mary Tabar- The Light
Carolyn Villars- Snowboarder 
Deborah Weir -Galactic Dance
Carolyn Winfield- Octopus Garden
Eileen Wintemute - Black & White Desert
Karen Van Dargriff- Who Are They

Congratulations to all the accepted artists!

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