Sunday, September 11, 2011

Adding a Sleeve

I posted this on the Textures blog first. If you have not seen it, there is good information for putting on a sleeve and gallery hanging requirements.  (There is a 'page' on the blog with instructions on How To Make A Sleeve taken from IQA's website)
AQS has a good video on YouTube for adding a sleeve to your quilt. It is features Bonnie Browning as the demonstrator. If you struggle with exactly the best way to hang your quilt or fiber art her instructions break down the steps and simplifies the process.

I have some recommendations that I use that are a little different from what Bonnie presents in her video.

* I always put my sleeve about 1 inch below the top edge instead of her recommended 1/2 inch. This still keeps the top edge from flopping over (if the sleeve is too low) but ensures that the sleeve will never show above the art piece when hanging.

* I recommend that the sleeve length is a minimum of 2-4 inches shorter that the width of the quilt. Be sure to center the sleeve on the quilt so the "pull back" from the sides is even. This allows the gallery or show to hang your quilt with out the "hanger" showing. The slat can be close to the outer edge of the quilt (1/2 inch) but the sleeve should leave ample room for accessing either the D-ring, drilled nail holes or the gallery's own preferred hanging method.

If slats are used in the sleeve, D-rings mounted towards the end or drilled holes in the end of the slats are easily accessed for nails or hooks. I currently make my sleeves about 4 inches shorter. This allows 2 inches per side and still gives support too the edges. I am then able to use multiple types of mounting systems on the slat if the gallery has a specific requirement.

* The preferred sleeve style for a large or heavy piece is a 2 piece sleeve with a space of about 2-4 inches between. This allows for a center support if the gallery deems it necessary.

David and I attended the SAQA meeting at the Front Porch Gallery. Several tips were given by Julie Weaverling, Assistant Director, for hanging in galleries. It was a great meeting with lots of tips and information. The Front Porch Gallery preference is for the D-rings but she reminded all the artists to check with the gallery they are working with for specific hanging requirements.

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  1. LOL; Great minds Trish. I posted on the blog yesterday as a 'page' on how to make the sleeve with the tuck.