Friday, May 20, 2011

News & Notes!

Discovery Quilts: will be exhibited in Reno, NV at the Quilting, Stitches & Craft Expos from June 30th- July 2, 2011. 
            Locally: They will be exhibited at the Flying Geese Quilt Guild show, Soka University, October 1-2 2011.  Please mark your calendar; we need volunteers to help with this event.


Archeology Challenge: This wonderful collection of quilts has been selected for a special exhibit at the SAN DIEGO QUILT SHOW, September 8 - 10 2011.  Mary Tabar is the exhibit coordinator for this event and she is collecting the quilts from now thru the July 9th meeting.  There are no entry fees and each quilt will be returned to the artists at the November 12th meeting.


GATES:  Our 2012 Challenge theme.  All members are encouraged to participate!  The entry fee is $20.00 per quilt and for this challenge you may submit up to two quilts.  This is a fabulous design opportunity!  Think of the possibilities of doing something like your gate idea as seen in the morning and then at night?  Or a seasonal idea; Spring and then Fall.  Oh the drama! LOL. 

The quilt size is 20" wide and 42" long. 

Verticle/portrait orientation.

I can't wait to see all the fabulous quilts in September!


  1. I need a little help getting inspired. The brief discussion at the last meeting helped but the theme has dried up in my mind. Anyone have some good ideas? I'd like a scientific or nature-theme related to gates but can't seem to come up with one. David mentioned gates related to electricity or electrons?! Can't figure out what that is... Melissa Frankel

  2. Hi Melissa; has anyone responded to your query? I'm so sorry this got right away from me personally. If you are thinking scientific themes; what about the 'gate-way' from one type of thing to another. Nature related might be natural gateways found in rock formations, etc. Or the gateway from between chrysalis to butterfly or something along those lines. Call me if you'd like to chat. I'm available anytime. my email is