Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whittier Gallery

Hi All!

This is your super secret spy correspondent reporting to you LIVE from Downtown Whittier at the Framery Gallery where the Quilts on the Wall group of artists is having the Artists reception for their latest show!

You might know that photos are strictly forbidden so it is with GREAT peril that I get these to you! (and explains why they are poor quality from my cell phone)

It was especially difficult being covert as you can see the Artists Reception from 3pm to 6pm was standing room only.

There was a large center section that had smaller pieces (some all ready SOLD!) but as all the artists and the store owner were all standing around there chatting I couldn't risk getting that shot :)

There was much chatter about the paltry attendendence of the artists themselves and when I questioned the current President of QOTW David Charity about that he reasoned it "must be owing to some form of miscommunication because typically the support of the artists and membership for these types of shows is outstanding and is what sets Quilts on The Wall apart from other art groups and guilds."

This reporter could only speculate on what must have happened but didn't linger too long considering there was more Godiva chocolates and other noteworthy noshables for those artists and guests in attendance!

I overheard the owner that this show is one of the best ART shows as it brings in guests steadily throughout the entire month as word gets around. Last years show was huge success for those who participated.

This intrepid reporter was able to secure the names of the members/artists who attended as she arrived:
They are:
David & Trish Charity (Temecula, CA)
Rose Hughes (Long Beach, CA)
Mark & Linda Stone (Van Nuys, CA)
Jeanette Kelly *who it must be mentioned had TWO other shows that same day* (Whittier, CA)
jo Griffith (Del Mar, CA)
Linda Miller
Sally Wright
Sandra Lauterbach
*and this reporter who got lost for 30 minutes just coming from Orange County*

The show was hung beautifully and this reporter learned some of the names of those AWESOME volunteers who helped it get done! (if you did help hang and don't see your name please let me know in the comments section so I can add you!)

jo Griffith
joanell Connolly
Cynthia Catlin
Rose Hughes

Well, I'm back to the refreshments table where uber fresh blueberry scones await!

So, that's all for now; Hope you all get to come see this fabulous show that runs until October 30th!

Reporting live from Whittier this is your QOTW super secret correspondent signing off!


  1. Just to set the record straight - the intrepid reporter missed the fact that artists who attended the artist reception also included Sally Wright and Linda Miller. It's a great show!!!

  2. Another addition, Sandra Lauterbach was also in attendance. Fabulous exhibit!

  3. love our intrepid reporter - look forward to hearing the next installment . Sorry to have missed the reception.