Friday, September 10, 2010


photo courtesy of StacyHurt

Quilts on the Wall Members – It is TIME!

Time that is to gather up all your wonderful new works and get them ready to be part of this years’ Whittier Framery Gallery’s exhibition,

October 1-31st, 2010

Emails with the details for the call for entry have gone out, but just in case you missed them please just let Deborah Stanley or Cynthia Catlin know and they’ll make sure you get a copy.

Cynthia is heading up our efforts, and Rose Hughes has also stepped up to assist in helping us put together a great exhibition. You’ll want to also keep in mind that this gallery is an excellent venue for other items as well…dimensional pieces, smaller bin works, cards and jewelry (properly packaged & ready for display) may all be shown to advantage here.

This coming Saturday, at our normal meeting is the best time to get your works turned in.

And, remember…. Questions? Just contact Cynthia Catlin

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