Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Long Beach Festival 2010

Our Esteemed El Presidente & his blushing bride celebrating their 30th Anniversary!!!

David shares his 'Noble Seasons' piece for Fall.

Lovely jo Griffith & Debra Weir noshing!

Me (Stacy) & Cindy Cooksey enjoying the reception

Ricki Bremer manning (or womanning) our table!
She was THE BOMB!!! I was truly in awe of her presentation skills!

Enrapt guests listen as Ricki explains what we do.

For more pictures of the exhibit; see Rose Hughes site

Carol Nilsen sharing her 'Flight'

Cindy Cooksey sits with Ms. Jane LaFazio. We loved her 'reindeer antler' scarf!

Our LOVELY Exhibits Chair Cynthia Catlin and Sandra Hankins share a moment with Ms. Bracy ( a facebook friend from Vegas) All three have work in that book!

Now here's a group with T.R.O.U.B.L.E. written all over it! (Just kidding!)
from left to right:
Mark Stone, Linda Stone, Felisa Lyons, Mary Tabar & our Journey's coordinator;
Julie Schlueter

How gorgeous is this pair??? Jeanette Kelly & Muna Elias
(Muna was taking a well deserved break from her 7 children to attend and note you only see ONE glass of wine there) **the shots came later** Just ask Ms. Muna bout Mr. Cotton Candy Head & see what kind of response you get!

jo Griffith shares "Sweet Charity"

(for those who don't know, jo has 'Stepped Up' to head our Long Beach exhibit in 2011~ We wish her well!)

Mary Tabar shared her work at the reception!

Ok; the best for last. There's always one pic like this. I'm sorry it's Carolyn! I can tell you that her piece 'African Dawn' got soooo many wonderful comments & interest!

As for me: I would like to apologize for not getting more pictures of the entire exhibit itself.
I had a chance to catch up with two of IQA's co-ordinators and was told by each that our (Quilts on The Wall) exhibits garnered tremendous interest & positive comments everwhere they went last year. It was wonderful and encouraging to hear such great feedback!
I truly was overwhelmed by all the amazing quilts & our exhibit was right up there! Many people stopped & asked questions about the works & there was constant traffic each day! I encourage all of you to 'Go For It' and schedules permitting; enter something for 'Bridges' for 2011.

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  1. Stacy - great recap of the LB show and Quilts on the Wall members and great photos. Thanks and I am sorry I missed the reception and dinner - looks like lots of fun.