Monday, September 7, 2009

New Adventures

Almost 13 years ago to this very month Quilts on the Wall: Fiber Artists held their first meeting. I had put a call out looking for 'like minded' quilters looking for a other quilters interested in expanding their quiltmaking horizons.

There were surprisingly almost 25 people that showed up that day.... some have moved on but there are many members that go all the way back to that first Saturday. Art Quilts were n
ot really a known entity with our local gallery owners, museum curators or really almost anyone in the art world. Within our first two years we were on our way to changing those attitudes and we held our first gallery exhibit at a community gallery.

We have since grown in membership and also quilt art opportunities. It has been (AND IS) a delight to be part of this growing effort and I have seen many of our members go on to do amazing things within the quilt art community and in the art community at larger.

best part for me remains the sharing of knowledge and ideas that occurs at our meetings, and since organizing and establishing a working board we have had (AND HAVE) some wonderfully dedicated and creative individuals moving the group forward.

Thank you to Stacy Hurt, our current President... she has taken it upon herself to open this blog and open up a whole new way for us to share our passion for fabric and turning it into art in more ways than one could even begin to imagine.

My own quilt journey began traditionally, and I used my love of ravens to break myself out of the constraints of the quilt block. For that reason I am including one of my raven pieces here... kind of kick it off. It is after all, all about the quilts.

If you live close by us, or even just find yourself visiting the LA area check us out and join us for a meeting. They're always great fun!

~Rose Hughes

and Executive Director


  1. Rose; that piece is my all time favorite quilt! All your work is wonderful; but this one is simply awesome!

  2. Great start! Let's keep this going. Great meeting on Saturday and a wonderful exhibit at the Framery Gallery in Whittier.